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Journey to China: A Preparation

China is my third visiting country after Singapore and Vietnam. China is commonly known as a large area in East Asia and also the fourth largest country in the world. As a preparation to visit there, I have studied a basic knowledge about China that includes a map of China, China’s President, land area, population, capital, cities, and monetary unit. All of this information can get by browsing through the internet.

Referring to the map of China, I am going to Qingdao or Tsingtao. Qingdao is a major city in eastern Shandong province.  Actually, my purposes going to China are for attending the International Symposium on Intelligent Informatics (ISII 2011) and at the same time, presenting my research work. The symposium will be held on 1-3 May 2011, which is organized by ICIC International and Qingdao University. The preparation takes time about two months. The preparations include (1) an approval from UTM for oversea travel, (2) VISA, (3) slide presentation, (4) booking a flight ticket, (5) booking a hotel, registration, (6) formatting paper, and (7) require some travel plan. The process begins when I had received an acceptance letter on 21st February 2011, for attending the symposium through my paper work.

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20 March, 2011 - Posted by | Engineering

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