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Journey To Space, A Memoir of Malaysia’s First Angkasawan

Thanks to government and also thanks to the author, Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. This book has really inspired me to work hard and think more as usual. It is opened my mind because we need to improve ourself  as Malaysian in order to make sure our country move toward at par with knowledge’s country like Rusia, US and others.

Actually, we are a small one that just follow the technology and innovation from those country. That why, we as teenagers need prepare ourself learn as much as possible. Don’t be lazy to get as much as possible a knowledge in various fields like engineering, medical, biotechnology and etc.

Interesting part in this book, actually its my question when I  in secondary school,  I asked to my teacher, Who is a ANGKASAWAN? because we already know Who is cosmonaut or astronaut in the world. But once again,Who is a ANGKASAWAN?

The answer of my question is this book, answered by Datuk Sheikh Muszhapar. Now. I know Who is a ANGKASAWAN. If other country like Rusia have cosmonaut and US have astronaut, but now Malaysia have ANGKASAWAN. The Malaysia’s first ANGKASAWAN is Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar and Who become next?

Maybe I am become Malaysia’s fifth Angkasawan, hahahaaa dreaming!!!.

Through reading this book, I know what happen at Star City and saw the equipment in Soyuz because I interested  with machine and their Technology.

So, I would like suggest this book to teenager outside there especially Malaysia’s teenagers to read this book. Take a seat and enjoy reading it…


23 March, 2010 - Posted by | Ulasan Buku

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